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Welcome to Robert Williams Custom straight razors.  I have been making Custom Straight Razors since 2006 and have been making knives for many years.   All my razors are handmade and I do each step from forging, heat treating, art, engraving, scrimshaw, etc., right here in my shop.  These are my own original designs, often in collaboration with customers and, though often copied, are not truly duplicated.   The result of my experience and craftsmanship is a razor that is surpassed by no other in shaving quality.

Whether you want a superior daily shaver or an heirloom set fit for a royal gift or anything in between, contact me and we’ll make it happen.



Feel free to visit my gallery to see many more razors:   MY GALLERY


Cowcatcher with ruby setting in tang and jeweled spine


I would be very happy to discuss making a custom razor for you and to help you with the design elements and ideas to make a razor that will be a cherished heirloom for your family and a wonderful shaver for you for the rest of your life.

Please be sure to visit my Photo Gallery.  There are a lot of razors to look over and you may find something that inspires you.


English Barber with rainbow giraffe


If you would like to purchase one of my handmade razors immediately rather than wait on a custom order, there are usually one or more available at Shavingshop.com –  Robert Williams Premium Handmade Razors.  

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10 Responses to “WELCOME”

  1. John Paltiel Says:

    I saw several of your razors at the last NY/NJ SRP Meetup, shown by Jeff and Coach Mike, and was made aware that you sometimes have ones that become available unexpectedly. Should this be the case I would be interested. John

  2. james_hylton Says:

    Hi Robert, really enjoy your sight, pity I live on the other side of the world in New Zealand, however, have you ever heard of a Cattaraugus Indian Hone, just saw on on E-Bay for sale .
    Your comments would be appreciated.Thanks.

  3. rwilliams Says:

    Thank you. I’m not familiar with that hone but cataraugus was a well respected

  4. Suggestions - Custom Razor Manufacturer Says:

    […] tell you what your best bet is. He is easy to talk to and will, I'm sure, answer your questions. Here is his website. Send an email or give him a call. He'll need to see an image of what you want on […]

  5. joostmoree Says:

    Hi Robert,
    I’m a client of yours and you provided me in 2012 a “model” Full Hollow 8/8 “w/black Micarta Scales” which I chose from your Gallery but with custom giraffe bone scales instead. It’s the top razor in my steadily expanding 30 pieces collection with vintage, NOS and contemporary newly made razors from 6/8 to 8/8th width.

    I think it is time for another custom made razor.

    I dropped my eyes on the 9/8th.half hollow Birnando. But instead of the horn scales which don’t seen so elegant I think about white giraffe bone scales of the same model you equipped the in the Gallery Razors III shown item number 25/67 with (without scrimshaw). Or the 8/8th Elite Sam, Gallery IV item 2/16 (half hollow? seems 1/4 hollow or near wedge!?)
    What do you think about that?

    By the way, are you and your family settlled in Ohio now and are you all feeling fine being in good health?
    Please drop me a line when time is on your side.
    Kind regards,

    Dr J.Z. Moree, Civil Law Notary
    Joost Moree
    3 Keizerstraat
    The Netherlands
    (home)+31(0)70 2123562
    (office) +31(0)174 295540
    (cell) +31(0)6 51788018
    (e) moree@live.nl

  6. Phil Says:

    I just want to say I love the work you have done with the SRP Straight Razors!

  7. Marvin Pierce Says:

    How do I register so that I can login iinto your gallery? I’m thinking about having you make me a blade.

  8. Picked up a new blade... Says:

    […] also one of the nicest, unassuming people that I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. Robert Williams Custom Straight Razors – WELCOME Take Care, […]

  9. Charles Rogers Says:

    I have a Hart Steel Razor that I had Ivory Scales put on. I would like to have my initials scrimshaw on them and the nude on file4/151 what would the coast be? and how long would it be before you have the time to get to it?

  10. Charles Says:

    I only have one of you fine works of art it’s the SRP Edition and what a wonderful shave it gives I am in the process of saving to get another custom in the near future. I only have one but what a gem it is. It will be passed down to my son when he is old enough. again a big thanks to Robert for being such a craftman

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