I’m back to full production time starting December

It’s been really tough this summer with a major project at my day job giving me limited production time. Razors have gone out regularly but I’m still running behind with about a 12 month lead time. This will be getting reduced after the Thanksgiving holidays, though. Thanksgiving, the upgrade is finally wrapping up. I also went through a divorce that will be final by Thanksgiving. The shop will stay at it’s present location, phone numbers, contact information; nothing will change – and life will return to normal for me. Thanks to all of you for your patience. This year has been a really, really tough one with a job change, Carpal release surgery, a major technical upgrade on a computer system that handles a billion dollars worth of business each year and, of course, a divorce that is now about to be finalized. So, if it has seemed as though I’ve been pre-occupied… well, it’s because I’ve really had my hands full and I’m extremely pleased and anxious to be returning to a less hectic life with more shop time for you all.

Purist 19 through 25 should be done by the end of next week. I’m working on them all right now. Back to the shop and thanks again!

One other thing. I am accepting orders, but there will be no security deposit/down payment for orders being taken. I don’t feel I need to accept deposits until my lead time drops under 90 days again. Cheers!