Customer update and news 6/23/2010

As an update, I’m currently working on mid-september 2009 orders, so I’m at about 9 months lead time right now.  This should help you figure out about where you are in the work queue.

In addition to regular orders, I’m doing overtime work to get the Purist Limited orders filled.  I’ve already started on this and these will start shipping in numerical order within a week.  It will take some weeks to finish them all, but everything is on track and the project is in full swing.

As you may have noticed, gold inlays are an option if you want something very, very special.   And there will be a few new features available soon that I think will be really nice and very reasonably priced options on the custom razors.

I’m back to 100% after the carpal release surgery, which is a little quicker than I had hoped for with six months being the usual full recovery time.

And as always, if you have questions or just want to touch base, I try to stay abundantly available.  :)