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Welcome to Robert Williams Custom straight razors.  I have been making Custom Straight Razors since 2006 and have been making knives for many years.   All my razors are handmade and I do each step from forging, heat treating, art, engraving, scrimshaw, etc., right here in my shop.  These are my own original designs, often in collaboration with customers and, though often copied, are not truly duplicated.   The result of my experience and craftsmanship is a razor that is surpassed by no other in shaving quality.

Whether you want a superior daily shaver or an heirloom set fit for a royal gift or anything in between, contact me and we’ll make it happen.





Cowcatcher with ruby setting in tang and jeweled spine


I would be very happy to discuss making a custom razor for you and to help you with the design elements and ideas to make a razor that will be a cherished heirloom for your family and a wonderful shaver for you for the rest of your life.

Please be sure to visit my Photo Gallery.  There are a lot of razors to look over and you may find something that inspires you.


English Barber with rainbow giraffe


If you would like to purchase one of my handmade razors immediately rather than wait on a custom order, there are usually one or more available at Shavingshop.com –  Robert Williams Premium Handmade Razors.  

Site Facelift

As you can tell, I’m rebuilding this site from the ground up to provide more information, articles, functionality and interaction.    Of course, feel free to share your thoughts about navigation or things you’d like to see on the site.

Those of you who decide to register as members can post comments and if there is interest, we could put a small forum up for you.  There are already some very good forums for the straight razor community, but if you feel you’d like another place to post thoughts and ideas, I’ll be happy to help provide a platform for that.

One of the shortcomings of my previous content management system was that it made posting articles unwieldy and practically impossible.   Now it will be easier to add new content and add new features, so onward and upward!

Thank you!