August 23, 2010

It’s been awhile since the last update and I have a bit of a breather so I’m posting one. Production is running 10 months right now and is very slow right now because of the temporary demands of my day job. I’m the lead technical guy in a major SAP upgrade from 4.6c to Ecc6.0 and all the issues fall on my plate so I’ve been working late and weekends for awhile. I expect this to simmer down in about three weeks and then I’ll have a chance to get more shop time in, which I do miss dearly.

I’m also considering the possibility of going full time next year with the blade business, which would boost my production enormously, of course. I’ve still got a lot of things to think about before doing that, though, of course.

Meanwhile, I appreciate everyone’s patience. I’ve been slow on e-mails and phone calls lately due to just having no time at all and being worn out from the pressure and stress of the constant coding analysis and debugging, but I’m still here, still putting in shop time when I can and I expect things to return to normal in about three weeks.

At this point, I actually have all current issues under control for the first time in about six weeks. :) So I have time to answer some e-mails and make this post.

Thank you all for your support!